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The Chameleon is designed and produced by Chameleon Corporation, two entrepreneurs (Alfred “Darrel” Shanbour, II and Matthew David Green) with a combined six decades of expertise in the healthcare, product, sales, marketing, and design disciplines.

Darrel Shanbour’s healthcare experience spans over 27 years. He has worked in two hospital systems, as well as several years at Press Ganey Associates and Healthstream Research. His passion and subject matter expertise is based on improving the patient and family experience. His work Press Ganey and HealthStream Research included uncovering things that interfere with patient’s perceptions or identifying those things that have a tendency to cause patients to want to punish the facility at the time of the survey. To this aim, he did a lot of secret and not so secret shopping as well as holding focus groups with patients and staff alike.

Matt Green’s experience includes more than 18 years experience with Fortune 500 companies. He is a results-driven professional whose broad-based managerial experience. He was responsible for implementing many strategic initiatives including the Store Manager training program for the 2nd largest Automotive Aftermarket Company globally. He has exceptional organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills.Whiteboarding is a very strong component to helping improve the perception of communication while also more appropriately aligning actual behaviors to patient perceptions.

Chameleon Corporation opened its doors in 2010. Passionate about communication and doing it better, we’re determined to amp the way everyday products function in the workplace. Our mantra: We design solutions, not products.


Whiteboarding is a very strong component to helping improve the perception of communication while also more appropriately aligning actual behaviors to patient perceptions.

We typically like to learn more about our clients / potential client’s patient satisfaction challenges and what they are currently doing in terms of whiteboarding to compliment their patient and family experience initiatives. As you know Whiteboard usage will:

  • Help you improve the patient and family experience
  • Individualize Patient Care
  • Improve your Patient Satisfaction scores

The Chameleon Interchangeable Whiteboard story:

Darrel’s father Alfred had been suffering with lung and brain cancer for the past five years and passed away in October 2012. His experience with his dad’s care made him even more passionate about the patient and family experience. As such, he has committed his life and career to helping hospitals make better decisions for the patients and families they serve while striving every day to make differences that will honor his father by utilizing the invaluable lessons he learned throughout his dad’s five-year healthcare journey.

Over the course of his dad’s brave battle, he became frustrated with many aspects of his dad’s care and he observed healthcare behaviors he now refers to as “Satisfaction blockers.” As a result, Darrel along with his business partner, Matt Green, started an Interchangeable Whiteboard company known as Chameleon Corporation. More importantly, they invented a unique, yet simple and effective whiteboard solution that is resonating very well with hospitals nationwide.

By enclosing durable, cost-effective, interchangeable “inserts” in an attractive, clear casing, The Chameleon is fast becoming the whiteboard communication standard for hospitals and information-dependent environments. the Chameleon Corporation has signed a three-year contract with CHS, Magnet Group, MediGroup, QHR and TriStar/HCA. We have worked with many individual hospitals other health systems across the US.

Other Industries:

Through Matt Green’s vast comprehensive operational background, Matt moved quickly to research and investigate alternate industry applications and brought many new and insightful design and production techniques to our company. Together Matt Green and Darrel Shanbour collaborate daily to improve their product offerings, develop new products and position themselves as the company that can say “yes” to every customers’ unique needs.

The focused design of the Chameleon is based on research and feedback from leaders and practitioners in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. The result: A whiteboard that works with your team and streamlines dynamic information across multiple channels seamlessly!

Currently hospitals, government offices, schools, restaurants, and industrial and manufacturing facilities are embracing The Chameleon as the better, more powerful generation in whiteboards.

The Chameleon is one of several patent-pending products designed by the Franklin, Tennessee-based Chameleon Corporation.