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“The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization.” –Calvin Coolidge

Whiteboards have been an integral part of the government culture for decades.

Problem: Tactical communications usually roll out in the form of email or a makeshift board. However, emails get lost and it’s difficult to keep up with regulation changes that require changes to traditional whiteboards.

Solution: Whether you need a whiteboard for a government agency, military base, or healthcare facility, The Chameleon offers a powerful alternative to the limitations of the typical whiteboard. It’s the first whiteboard to include interchangeable, customizable inserts. Each insert fits into an enclosed clear, dry-erase frame making it easy to update data. That means no more messy residue, or ink spots getting in the way of your next great plan! Clean up is easy and our smart layout turns tracking, communication, and collaborating into a dynamic experience.

The Chameleon gives you choices—lots of them. Choose a traditional whiteboard or a whiteboard with customized inserts. A Chameleon whiteboard without an insert allows you to write on a dry-erase, Plexiglas surface—minus the mess of traditional whiteboards. A board with a custom, pre-printed insert opens up endless possibilities to communicate the systems and processes intrinsic to your organization.

Changing and adapting is key to any successful organization. Nothing can help you do that better than The Chameleon.


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Sample Inserts

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