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ReThink Whiteboards.
We judge ourselves by our intentions and we judge others by their actions. – Anon

Are you worried about Value Based Purchasing (VBP), Reimbursements, other Financial Metrics and/or Patient Loyalty?

In today’s consumer-driven healthcare system, you can’t leave reimbursements to chance.

That’s why The Chameleon is fast becoming the communication standard for healthcare organizations determined to improve patient satisfaction and CAHPS scores.

Whether your focus is on the overall patient care experience and/or maximizing financial reimbursements, The Chameleon partners with you. This next-generation whiteboard has evolved to meet today’s ever-changing communication requirements including HCAHPS, and other pending CAHPS initiatives.

ReThink Functionality.
“The organization and the environment are in concert.” – Anon

Whiteboards have been used in the healthcare industry—effectively and ineffectively—for decades. Studies show that whiteboards can increase communication among healthcare teams, providers, and patients—if properly used.

The Chameleon takes traditional whiteboards to a whole new level of functionality.

Problem: In many cases whiteboards in hospitals are underutilized, messy from (stains, shadowing, discoloration) and have become confusing and ambiguous in both function and goal.

Solution: The Chameleon is the first-of-its-kind enclosed, interchangeable whiteboard that can be tailored to meet the communication needs of your hospital.

The Chameleon System gives you the choice of either a custom or pre-printed interchangeable insert that provides a cost-effective approach to patient care expectations. This kind of flexibility allows you to easily change your design in response to government/regulatory mandates, seasonal changes, unit changes, or changes from any organizational-wide initiatives.

This next-generation whiteboard provides maximum durability and usability. The system includes a magnetic white board, a dry erase, hinged, Plexiglass cover, insert pins, magnetic knobs (for opening/locking) and a convienient holder for markers. The Chameleon uses UV, Mar Resistant, Dry Erase Plexiglas to protect both the white magnetic board and your custom or reprinted interchangeable (PVC) insert. That means no more messy residue, or ink spots getting in the way of displaying critical communication data.

A pro-active communication tool, The Chameleon increases patient loyalty, and prepares your organization for VBP/Pay-for-Performance, and other variables that require you to stay agile and make changes to your communications.

Sample Inserts

We have hundreds of unique designs available. Contact us to find out more!
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