ReThink Service.
“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” – Walt Disney

With menu items and specials changing daily, restaurants often use whiteboards and chalkboards to drive foot traffic and boost sales.

Problem: Traditional whiteboards and chalk boards can work against your brand when poorly designed. Often whiteboards can look sloppy, weathered, and worn out.

Solution: The design of the interchangeable, encased Chameleon offers a refreshing visual solution to the limitations of the typical whiteboard. It’s the first whiteboard to include interchangeable, customized inserts for menus, specials, and entertainment. The inserts fit into an enclosed clear, dry erase frame making it easy to update data as needed. That means no more messy residue, or ink spots getting in the way of your next amazing culinary creation!

The Chameleon gives you choices—lots of them. Choose a traditional whiteboard or a whiteboard with customized inserts. A Chameleon whiteboard without an insert allows you to write on a dry-erase, Plexiglas surface—minus the mess of traditional whiteboards. A board with a custom, pre-printed insert opens up endless possibilities to communicate the systems and processes intrinsic to your restaurant.

The Chameleon will help you engage customers, stimulate sales, advance your brand, and stay flexible within your menu. Our design team will work with you to create inserts that will meet all of your messaging needs.


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Sample Inserts

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